Fur gallantry

Fur gallantry constitutes the perfect complement to an elegant and style-conscious woman’s wardrobe, which she aims to fill with inventive add-ons not only for winter clothing.

We sew any type of hat form. This includes deerstalkers, berets, flying caps, sweatbands, toques, as well as add-ons to finished knitting and woollen products. An extraordinary interesting and modern piece of winter clothing is a muff, which is very comfortable and utilitarian and protects the hands from becoming cold. It is sort of a fur tunnel into which a person slides his hands from both sides. It presents itself phenomenally in combination with sports clothing, as it can be sewed from any type of fur material.

An elegant way of completing a coat is to edge its collar and cuffs with fur. Such a coat improves in style and becomes both extraordinary and unique. Add-ons made out of fur, however, are not limited to elegant clothing. Rather it is very modern to edge fur also to the hoodies of sportive, fleecy, and down jackets, decorative scarves, mantles like ponchos, and even bags.

Stoles, a type of short tippet and coverlet made out of fur and worn in combination with wedding or evening dresses, are a separate category. It is a truly refined type of coverlet for women and it is made out of the most precious and delicate kinds of natural leather. It is an extraordinary decoration and underlines the importance of the occasion it is worn for.

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